05. June — 10. July 2021

Anette Rose Techno Textiles

Anette Rose

The exhibition Anette Rose Techno Textiles runs parallel to the online film program KINO SIEMENSSTADT The Complex of Labour at SCHARAUN project space.

The installation Techno Textiles alludes to the beat of machines and woven high-tech textures. On view are Anette Rose's recordings of the motion sequences of complex machines at the research laboratory of RWTH Aachen University: Coil containers of a radial braider wrapped with carbon or glass fibers run in circles on sinusoidal paths. The beat of the counter-rotating yellow and red coils is reminiscent of a mechanized dance. The captured structure-borne sound of the radial braider's rotating coils resembles the ropemakers' guild dance. Like dancers spinning in time around a maypole, the coils wind around each other and around the axis of the rotor. The research lab's radial braider thus shows itself to be an automated implementation of traditional maypole braiding. The crash-absorbers braided by the machine, which are being tested for automobile production, catch the impact and swallow the beat. Anette Rose references here, as in the title of the exhibition, the beat of the machines, which are not only regarded as the primary source for the new genre of Techno against the backdrop of the decline of the automobile industry in Detroit, but by means of musical synthesis were also elevated to entirely new dimensions of sound.

With Techno Textiles, Anette Rose stages a complex structure of historical and contemporary translation processes between body and machine beat at SCHARAUN. She takes up motion studies of the early labour science of Frank B. and Lillian Gilbreth and directs the gaze to current high-tech research methods, used to control and optimize the production process. Her encyclopedic work examines developments of industrial automation that shapes our working and living environments. Since 2006, the artist has been filming production processes in craft workshops, factories and scientific laboratories. She works with diverse recording methods: Video, motion-capturing, slow motion, photography, diagrams and sound. In the exhibition space she re-synchronizes the sequences filmed simultaneously with several cameras and thus stages her insights into the working world.

Opening on Saturday, 05 June from 2pm - 8pm.

Finissage on Saturday, 10 July from 4pm - 9pm.
Talk about Motion Studies with Andreas Bunte, Tom McCarthy & Anette Rose at 6pm.

Exhibition : 05 June - 10 July 2021
Opening hours: Friday 12am - 6pm by appointment at

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Views Anette Rose Techno Textiles, Photos: Natalia Carstens