08. Juni — 05. Juli 2019



MICROLOGIES is a group exhibition that revolves around the aes- thetics of small-scale, micro materiality poetics and minimum gesture politics experimenting with scale as a radical instigator of awareness in our relationship to the world around us. The eclectic group of contemporary artists in this exhibition have been invited to take the challenge of creating a very small but nevertheless significant piece, which is no bigger than 2 1/4” (5,7 cm) on each side.

This exhibition proposes to open up a space to explore the potential of minimum events and the implications of small gestures in relation to macro events and paradigms evaluating the possibilities for philosophical discernment that unfolds when we put in dialogue the intimate, self-reflexive and profound in juxtaposition to the grandiose, spectacular and universal.

Curated by DXIX, Los Angeles in collaboration with Scharaun, Berlin