30. October 2021

Phase transitions number 2

Nora Fuchs

Nuria Hoeyng

Merav Leibküchler

Anne-Kathrin Tismer

Phase transitions number 2

On Saturday, 30. October 2021 at 4pm

Outside Scharaun
Jungfernheideweg 4
13629 Berlin
U-Bhf Siemensdamm

NEWSTARDANCECOMPANY continues its dance exploration of physical themes by introducing the formation MAASA. The performance in the parc outside Scharaun is the second part of the series Phase transitions, which took place in August/September 2021 at Scharoun Square in front of the Philharmonie in Berlin.

Duration of the performance: 30 minutes

Our reference point is a theory from physics, about the beginning of our universe:

By a phase transition at the cooling of our early universe a symmetry break (something is in the state of the lowest energy, and then there is a state of even lower energy, into which it slips, so to speak) arises and in the consequence elementary particles appear in fields / waves.... and little by little our universe in the present structure....

The dance piece Phase Transitions refers again and again to this consideration. It consists of set structures and forms that follow complex rules/programming developed by Nuria Hoeyng and thus modify themselves. The forms change their state through phase transitions as well as in different reference systems.

Another important idea is that our invisible movement remain existent.

Originally we wanted to start on a soccer field in Kreuzberg, leaving invisible traces there. However, the soccer field has been under reconstruction for several months and was not usable.

Our second location in public space was the Scharoun Square next to the Philharmonie, which Nuria Hoeyng had already envisaged a year ago. Scharoun Square is fascinating because of its shape and the buildings that frame it in a very open way, especially the Chamber Music Hall with its connection to the organic architecture of Hans Scharoun.

The programming that we follow in phase transitions relates space - body - outside - inside - time - force - and seeks connections through which new forms can constantly emerge.

Phase transitions number 1 Scharoun Square Photo: Jaro Straub

The experience of dancing on Scharoun Square has encouraged us to look for other places in Berlin related to Hans Scharoun.

The project space Scharaun is located at such a place in Berlin Siemensstadt. Here Scharoun lived and worked in a building he designed for the „Ringsiedlung“. One of his assistants on site was the Chinese architect Chen Kuen Lee, who was a great advocate of Tai Chi and who wanted to create in his architecture a similar connection between inside and outside - an interconnectedness.
How can dance connect with architecture? The choreography of the set structures of our dance piece, which I helped to develop, are inspired, among other things, by dances from Taiwan that I experienced overseas. These experiences seem to build a bridge to Lee, who himself lived in Taiwan for a long time.

In the exhibition HEIMWEH by Anael Berkowitz we see in a video the artist's mother dancing in a hospital room. By chance we learned that she used to perform as a ballet dancer in the same conservatory in Tel Aviv where the mother of the dancer and visual artist Merav Leibküchler, from our group, was a violinist.

So there is possibly another interconnection, as Chen Kuen Lee set in his architecture, within the works, of the artist Anael Berkowitz and the group NEWSTARDANCECOMPANY Maasa. That's quite amazing, isn't it?

Text: Anne-Kathrin Tismer

Concept, idea, choreography: Nuria Hoeyng, Anne-Kathrin Tismer
Dance: Nuria Hoeyng, Nora Fuchs, Merav Leibküchler, Anne-Kathrin Tismer
Costume: all
Production Management: Keno Tismer, Natascha Tertre
Photography: Bahar Kaygusuz
Many thanks to Theaterhaus Mitte

funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Support Program Dance.